We are a Veteran Owned & USA made apparel company offering high quality American Made products that support our mission of bringing Jobs back home.  In the mid-1980s, nearly 75% of apparel worn in America was made in America.  Today is it tragically less than 3%.  The apparel industry is just one example of how US manufacturing has been decimated.  

Authentically American is out to reverse that trend.  We believe in the power of the American worker and American manufacturing and want to be a intregal part of rebuilding it.  With every purchase Authentically American gives back to our Veterans non-profit Partners.  Will you join us on our mission of creating US jobs and supporting our veterans?  


Competitively Priced: Yes, even with shirts made overseas!

Customer Service: We offer unparalleled customer service from our Nashville office.

Ringspun Cotton: Our blanks are made with high quality ringspun cotton (we offer 100% cotton as well as multiple 60% cotton / 40% polyester options)

Creating US Jobs: Together we are creating jobs with each and every purchase.

Colors upon colors: We offer a wide variety of colors in our t-shirts (we’ve got one to match anything, seriously!)

Full Customization: Tees & Hoodies can be made to match PMS colors or custom styles can be created by meeting minimum order quantities of 600 units per color.

Tagless with room for your logo: All of our tees, hoodies, sweatshirts & hats come tagless and ready for your logo.  Our t-shirts & sweatshirts will have size, care, content and country of origin printed in the back neck with room at the top for the logo of your choice!  This cuts down on tag removal (it always leaves threads or worse, breaks threads!) and saves your customers on screen fees for tags.

Made in the USA: Our blanks & hats are 100% made in the US, we have set foot in every single factory that we partner with to ensure not only that they are being made there but that the working conditions exceed expectations & that workers are all paid a livable wage.  You will never have to doubt that ANY of our products are US made.